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At Davis Dentistry, Dr. Mark Davis and his team care about helping you preserve the health of your smile. Because your oral hygiene plays a critical role in both your dental and your overall health, it is important that take preventive measures to protect your teeth and gums from tooth decay and other dental diseases. General dentistry at our North Scottsdale practice allows patients to manage the appearance and health of their smiles. To learn more about the general dentistry services that our North Scottsdale practice provides to patients living in the Carefree, Cave Creek, Anthem, and Tempe areas, contact us today!


We provide a broad spectrum of general dentistry services at our North Scottsdale practice, including tooth extractions. There are a number of reasons that may lead Dr. Mark Davis to recommend that a patient’s tooth be extracted. If you are one of the millions of patients who were born with “extra teeth” or an “overcrowded bite,” or you suffer from a tooth fracture below the surface of the gum line or have an extensively decayed tooth, then our team may strongly advise you to have your tooth extracted. For your convenience, all extractions, whether they require surgery or not, are performed in the comfort of our dental facility.

Dental Fillings

Davis Dentistry is an amalgam- or “silver”-free dental practice, meaning Dr. Davis utilizes only the safest materials to achieve believably natural-looking results. For patients who suffer from tooth decay, Dr. Davis can carefully remove the damaged portion of a tooth and use tooth-colored materials to fill in the space. If a patient already has silver fillings and wants to replace them, Dr. Davis must evaluate his or her teeth to determine whether the amalgam filling should be replaced. With his patients’ best interests in mind, Dr. Davis employs a conservative approach to dentistry. By thoroughly examining your mouth, he can determine how best to preserve your tooth’s structure and improve the health of your smile.

Cleaning and Prevention

Effective preventive dentistry emphasizes the importance of optimal oral hygiene habits. Adhering to a regimen that consists of flossing, brushing, fluoride treatments, routine dental cleanings, oral cancer screenings, and dental examinations using digital x-rays will help to safeguard your smile from devastating dental diseases. During routine dental visits, our team of smile specialists can detect, diagnose, and treat any complications that arise in their earliest possible stages and protect your oral health for a lifetime.

Custom-made Mouth Guards 

For patients who grind their teeth frequently, Dr. Davis offers custom-made mouth guards. If you suffer from bruxism or TMJ disorder and need help managing or correcting the symptoms associated with the conditions, our general dentistry team can help. A custom-crafted night guard is comfortable to wear, fits your unique smile, and gently relieves the pressure, strain, and tension that are placed on your temporomandibular joints, jawbone, teeth, and gums.


Root Canal Therapy

Endodontic intervention must take place when the pulp of your tooth becomes irritated and inflamed or infected. As an experienced endodontist, Dr. Davis is able to keep his patients calm and relaxed, no matter which procedure they choose to undergo. While administering root canal therapy to a patient, Dr. Davis cleanses the internal tissue (pulp) of the tooth and then fills the prepared root canal chamber with a rubber-like material. In doing so, Davis can alleviate the pain a patient is feeling from damage to his or her nerves, and promote a healthy tooth structure.

Inlays and Onlays

Dental inlays and onlays are used to repair minor to moderate structural damage to the rear teeth. Using tooth-colored composite materials, Dr. Davis will fill the void created by decay or damage. The restoration will blend in seamlessly with your existing teeth and will not be visible to the naked eye. Correcting the structural flaws of your teeth will help to eliminate future enamel loss, tooth sensitivity, and damage to your existing healthy teeth.


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