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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Untreated cavities, structural damage, infections, and more can greatly affect the health and appearance of your smile. 

Full mouth reconstruction can restore your teeth and gums to bring you back to optimal oral health. 

See why Scottsdale, AZ, trusts Dr. Mark Davis for their dental implants, restorations, and other procedures.

Why Undergo Full Mouth Reconstruction?

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Stable Health

Leaving cavities and infections untreated can cause long-term damage to your oral health. Full mouth reconstruction can include restorative procedures like fillings and root canal therapy, preventing the decay from spreading and vastly improving your oral health.

Functional Bite

Misaligned teeth can affect your ability to chew and result in worn tooth enamel. Missing teeth weaken your bite, forcing you to avoid certain foods. Regain your biting strength with implants, restorations, and other dentistry solutions.

Pain Relief 

Decaying teeth can cause chronic pain. Misaligned teeth can lead to jaw issues like TMJ that cause pain in your jaw, neck, and head. Our Scottsdale, AZ, dentist can remove damaged and decayed tissue from your teeth and help correct your bite, leaving you pain-free. 

See How We Can Restore Your Teeth and Gums 

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Avoiding dental care can lead to compounding issues like decayed teeth, shifting teeth, missing teeth, and temporomandibular joint disorder. By the time you decide to seek treatment, you may feel like it's an impossible task to restore your oral health.

Dr. Davis believes virtually all smiles are repairable. He can use his dentistry skills and advanced technology to give you a strong and functional bite. You won't believe how effective full mouth reconstruction can be after you complete your treatment. 

The sooner you contact a dental professional, the sooner you'll obtain a healthy and vibrant smile. Request a consultation today or contact our Scottsdale, AZ, office by phone:

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We're Here to Make Scottsdale, AZ, Smile

"Dr Davis has done excellent work on my teeth. He has done a really great job on me .Dr Davis has an excellent friendly professional staff. Rhonda works very well with Dr Davis and is always very good at what she does. And Priscilla is great very smart and always knows what's up. So glad I found Davis Dentistry." David Morgan

Who Should Consider  Full Mouth Reconstruction?

People who should consider full mouth reconstruction include those who have:

Multiple Infected or Missing Teeth

If you have multiple untreated cavities and infections, you can undergo dental treatments like fillings and root canal therapy to save your oral health. For missing teeth, implants can anchor dental crowns, dental bridges, and dentures, giving you a fully functional smile.

Feelings of Self-Consciousness

Poor oral health often results in damaged and discolored teeth, making you hesitant to smile. Full mouth reconstruction can give you teeth that are even and brighter in appearance.

Complex Oral Issues 

If you have oral issues like missing teeth, TMJ disorder, or widespread gum disease, it can take multiple treatments to restore and beautify your smile. To complete your new smile, Dr. Davis will build a personalized treatment plan that prioritizes the biggest threats to your oral health.

Covering Treatment Costs 

Since a significant portion of full mouth reconstruction involves restorative dentistry, your dental insurance will likely cover at least some of your treatment. Our Scottsdale team will work with your insurance provider to maximize your benefits.

Dr. Davis believes dental care should be accessible to patients, no matter their budget. That's why he keeps his prices competitive. If you're concerned about costs, our dentist will be happy to work with what is affordable to you.

The final cost of full mouth reconstruction is different for each patient. No matter the final cost, having a functional bite, great oral health, and a beaming smile is priceless.

How Long Will It Take to Complete My Treatment Plan? 

Like costs, the timeline for full mouth reconstruction varies for each patient. Depending on which procedures you undergo, your treatment time frame may require:
Dr. Davis believes virtually all smiles are repairable.
Dr. Davis believes virtually all smiles are repairable.

One Day

Dentistry solutions like root canal therapy, dental bonding, tooth extraction, and dental fillings can be completed in a single day at our Scottsdale office.

A Few Weeks

Restorations like dental crowns and dentures need to be custom created in a dental lab. They're generally completed in about 2-4 weeks.

Several Months

Dental implants take 3-6 months to fuse with the jawbone. Dr. Davis will monitor your progress through the healing period to make sure there are no complications. He can then provide you with your implant-supported restoration.

If you have to combine treatments, your total timeline for full mouth reconstruction can take several months or even years. By trusting the process, you can enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile for much longer than it took to get through treatment.

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