Dentures Provide Great Benefits When Natural Teeth Have Been Lost

Partial dentureComplete denture. Partial denture.  Overdenture.  Immediate Denture.  Implant-retained denture.  While there are so many different names and types of dentures, they all can help to restore your smile.  By giving support to your lips and cheeks, dentures can fill in your sunken cheeks and give you a more youthful appearance.  By replacing missing teeth, dentures can increase your chewing ability and allow you to eat more and better foods. 

An immediate denture might be more accurately described as a temporary denture. Dr. Mark Davis will make your custom immediate denture for you to wear during the time that your final denture is being processed.  If you have been missing teeth for some time and are interested in a partial denture, or if you need to have teeth extracted and do not want to be without teeth for any amount of time, an immediate denture is a wonderful option for you.  Not only will it allow your tissues to heal properly if you need to have teeth extracted, it will also give you a chance to make adjustments to the size, shape, and color of your teeth in your final custom denture.  Imagine being able to choose exactly how your smile shines!

Partial Denture

A complete denture is the most typical in people’s mind, as it replaces all of your teeth.  In order to have the best fitting and most natural looking final complete denture, Dr. Mark Davis will take accurate impressions of your mouth at each stage of your dental treatment.  After having all of your teeth extracted, you can wear an immediate complete denture that Dr. Mark Davis will custom-fit to your mouth.  This temporary denture will allow your tissues to heal properly while giving you the appearance of a full set of teeth.  After the healing process is complete, Dr. Mark Davis will make your final custom denture.  With accurate impressions and a custom-fit complete denture, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that you don’t even need to use any of your father’s goopy adhesive gels!

Implants in lower jaw

Dentures are also an option for you if you are missing only a few teeth.  A partial denture will not only replace one or more missing teeth, but will also prevent your other teeth from drifting into the gap space.  Your partial denture will have a clasp attachment to at least one of your other teeth in order to secure its place in your mouth.  An overdenture also will replace one or more missing teeth. Rather than hooking onto adjacent teeth, however, an overdenture has two small posts, one on each end, that attach to the roots of your teeth. 

Lower Denture with Implant AttachmentsBecause many people become frustrated with ill-fitting dentures that flop around in their mouths, Dr. Mark Davis is proud to offer custom-made, implant-retained complete dentures.  The implants used to retain your custom complete denture are the same implants that would be used to replace your individual missing teeth.  In addition to creating a more secure foundation to anchor your denture, your implants will also help you preserve your bone structure so that you do not lose your natural facial profile.  Due to the stability of implant-retained dentures, you are able to choose whether you want Dr. Mark Davis to create a fixed (non-removable) complete denture that only Dr. Mark Davis can remove, or a removable denture that you can remove yourself whenever you feel the need!

Woman smiling with lower implant denture installed

Dr. Mark Davis

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